Top 100 Album Review: #74 – Otis Blue, Otis Redding (1965)

Otis Sings Your Favorite Songs…That You Prefer By Someone Else.

The originals and covers just don’t beat out other versions.
Rolling Stone’s Ranking: #74/100
My Rating: cropped-smooth-star-e1545862962550

Let’s play a game. Who do you think of when I say “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction?” How about “My Girl?” Does “Respect” make you think of anyone in particular? I doubt Otis Redding’s name bubbled up to your consciousness, but on this album, Otis will remind you how many songs you like by other people. Whether an original or cover, this material only makes you wish you were listening to the other and BETTER version

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Top 100 Album Review: #83 – I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love you, Aretha Franklin (1967)

It Took a Few Listens

But I finally came to appreciate the down-tempo album and majestic voice of Arethra Franklin.


Rolling Stone’s Ranking: #83/100
My Rating: cropped-smooth-starcropped-smooth-starcropped-smooth-star

I remember when I found out Prince died: I was at my house and saw it on facebook. I hadn’t listened to my regular music in years, preferring chill/new age stuff while writing, reading, or studying. The last year was nothing but school, so my Amazon Music Library was the equivalent of cobwebs. I pulled up his discography and immediately started crying. Each song reminded me of something. 

I didn’t necessarily have the same relationship with Aretha, but her recent passing still had impact: songs that instantly transported me to another time. Memories. Experiences. I had just turned 21. Returning after drinking at a bar for the first time (legally, I should add), I listened to all of her greatest hits, soaking it up.

I’ve been listening to this album for weeks, way before news of her illness was made known. Her passing made it even more poignant. While I made my mind up about the rating and what songs to highlight a while ago, I was reminded that these greats won’t be around forever.

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