Top 100 Movie Review: #16 – All About Eve (1950)

Just Not Enough.

There is some to like, but I never would want to watch it again. 

American Film Institute’s Ranking: #16/100
Awards: Nominated for 14 winning 6 including Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actor.
My Rating: Star.jpgStar.jpg

On a recent podcast on The Knowledge Project, Thomas Tull mentioned something that is very true: we no longer rewatch movies. Since there are so many entertainment options on-demand, it’s no longer like the VHS/DVD years where we memorized every line from our favorite cinema (I easily know the entire script for Muppet Treasure Island). 

So with that as my backdrop, I watched All About Eve. Sure, it’s a witty movie and does a couple cool things. But, would I ever rewatch it?

No.  This movie just doesn’t do enough to warrant another peak.  Sunset Boulevard, forever compared to All About Eve due to being released the same year with similar themes, is a much more complete film. That plot is intriguing, and there is no way to know exactly how it will resolve itself.

All About Eve is the opposite — we see what’s happening from a mile away. The dialogue is superb, even laugh-out-loud funny, but without any suspense it comes across more campy than it already does. One can only live through so many theater references before it becomes cringe.

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