“All good things they say, never last…

And love, it isn’t love until it’s past.”

The Top 100 Blog is coming to a close…but is being reincarnated under the moniker Casual, But Smart.


Ever since I  began watching the top 100 movies per the American Film Institute in 2005 (when I was receiving DVDs per mail via Netflix to watch classics), I always wanted a blog focused on reviewing the top 100 acclaimed entries in multiple formats. I tried one time in 2008 but it fizzled out, being a reckless, partying college student. 2018 was the time to make it happen: disciplined, focused, and wanting to write.

I’ve posted over 200 things, so I’ve been successful on that front. However, I underestimated how much the internet has changed.

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Personal Post – The Pitfalls of Extreme Ownership.

Taking total responsibility for all facets of your life can lead to great change, but it can also lead to great exhaustion.

BurnedOut_235192022_1 (1).png
A guide on how not to become the stick on the far right.

Paradigm Shift.

The idea that you have untold potential beneath the surface waiting to be unleashed is enticing. Instead of being stuck with a body, relationship, or job you don’t like, you can accomplish everything you put your mind to. How?

Take complete ownership.

  • You are the reason you are in a job that sucks.
  • You are the reason you don’t have satisfying relationships.
  • You are the reason you haven’t lost weight.

There are no extraneous factors to blame, only yourself. It’s a bit irrational, yes, but this simple mindset was a breath of fresh air to my cognition. I could no longer hide from not living up to my potential because I couldn’t put the onus on something else.

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